I’m doing a KICKSTARTER campaign to help fund the full game and it has many exclusive rewards only for backers. We have only a few days remaining until the campaign ends!


It’s simple. Hang out during the day, hunt down Urban Legends at night.

…What do you mean it’s not that simple? Okay, okay… check this out then:

  • The feel of a Rhythm Game with the progress of an RPG.
  • Hang out with weirdos just like you! Yay, friendship! … ᴀɴᴅ ʀᴏᴍᴀɴᴄᴇ
  • If you don’t build affection with a character, they may die in the end!
  • Seriously, the events in the story change depending on your relationships.
  • If you don’t like hanging out, you can work for money. Like in the real world! Wow!
  • Meet a cast of quirky characters through an emotional roller coaster of a story.


Time to shake those hips and impress Queen Nightcore in this rhythm minigame! Will you be able to prove you’re the Dancing Chosen One or will you perish live on stage?



Regular dude in the morning, Urban Legends Exterminator at night. He doesn't care about most stuff, but gets enthusiastic if you start talking about ghosts, aliens and weird criminals. In the end, he's just a lonely guy who doesn't know how express his feelings.



One of Urbano's Entities: an immortal being created to protect the City. She is determined to destroy all Urban Legends... also destroying anything that stands in her way. But behind all that anger, Honor is just a woman looking for someone that could understand her.



Remember when I said Entities were created to protect the City? Well, actually most of them are corrupt nowadays and just exist to screw with people's lives. Pride is one of them.



dats lofi. she short.



The first Urban Legend that Vailo has to face after moving to District 6. Apparently, he was a regular salaryman who got so obsessed with work that became a monster haunting fun places, always reminding them to go back to work. By the way, have you finished your homework?



A self-proclaimed psychic guru. He will go through hell and back just to prove that he's right and you're wrong. But... is that all? For some reason, James always seems to have a secret motive behind his actions. You never know which side he's on.