You may have lots of questions. It’s okay, I do as well. We all do.

With that in mind I prepared a list of questions I would have if I were you. Don’t worry, I provided the answers as well.


  • I saw the homepage and I couldn’t understand a thing. WHAT is Urbano after all?

Urbano is a Rhythm RPG Game in which you can build engage in relationship with fun characters and hunt Urban Legends. The story also changes depending on your decisions. You can think of it like Persona and Muse Dash had a baby.


  • Where can I play it?

Urbano is being developed for Windows. I would also like to release it for consoles and other operational systems in the future!


  • Steam? Epic? GOG? A-random-new-platform-that-may-appear-in-the-future? Which one?

It’s not set in stone, but I have been considering launching on Steam.


  • In which languages is it going to be translated?

Officially, Urbano will have English and Portuguese options, but other people will be able to easily add translations through JSON.


  • I can’t find the release date! Where’s the release date?!?!

A demo will be available soon, so please follow me on Twitter or Instagram and be the first to know when it happens!


  • Which Engine is it being developed on?

I’m using Game Maker Studio 2. For the cutscenes, I am using VNgen. No, I’m not using a car or jet engine. Yeah, disappointing, I know.


  • I make games/art/music. Can I send them to you? Will you give me feedback?

You can try to send them through the contact form here in the site, but I can’t guarantee I will have time to give a proper reply. I know feedback is really important for artists and I wish I had the time to help everyone, but I still haven’t unlocked that superpower.


  • Are you hiring?



  • Are you sure?